Past Graduate Students

William (Joe) Allen
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Ph.D., Biochemistry (2011)
MILES Certification

B.S. Chemistry, Jamestown College (2006)

Research: Molecular dynamics and active site mechanism of MAO-B, p53 dynamics,
and lipid membrane analysis

Currently a postdoctoral fellow in Robert Rizzo's Lab at Stony Brook
Somayesadat Badieyan

Ph.D., Biological Systems Engineering (2012)

Co-advisers: Dr. David Bevan and Dr. Mike Zhang

B.S. and M.S. Biotechnology
University of Tehran, Iran

Research: Computational studies of cellulase stability and rational design of stable enzymes

Currently a postdoctoral associate in Pablo Sobrado's Lab at Virginia Tech
Justin Lemkul
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Ph.D. Biochemistry (2012)
ICTAS Doctoral Scholar
MILES Graduate Certificate

B.S. Biochemistry, Virginia Tech (2007)
Chemistry minor, Biotechnology concentration

Research: MD simulations of the amyloid β-peptide in explicit bilayer and aqueous environments,
PPARγ-DNA interactions, MD force field development

Currently a postdoctoral fellow in Alexander MacKerell's Lab at the University of Maryland, Baltimore
Stephanie (Nikki) Lewis-Huff

Ph.D. Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology
IMSD Scholar
VT PREP Participant
Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Fellow (F31)

B.S. Biology, Christopher Newport University (2007)

Research: Molecular docking and dynamics of PPARγ
Jory Z. Ruscio

Ph.D. Genetics, Bioinformatics, and
Computational Biology (2007)

B.S. Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology (2002)

Currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley
Mariam Konate
VT PREP Participant

B.S. Chemistry, Virginia Tech (2006)
Mathematics minor

Research: Comparative substrate specificity of β-glucosidase and β-mannosidase

Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Pharmacology at Columbia University in New York

Past Visiting Graduate Students

Napat Songtawee

Visiting Ph.D. student from Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

Research: Molecular dynamics of EGF receptor dimerization

Past Undergraduate Students

Class of 2015

  Chelsea Kellinger

Research: PCA Analysis of PPARs
  Justine Miller

Research: Molecular Docking to PPARα
  Connor O'Hara

Research: Molecular Docking of PPARs

Class of 2014

  Karen Ascetta

Research: Molecular Docking of PPARδ
  Jerilyn Izac

Research: Homology Modeling of GPCRs
  Sutt Yang

Research: Aβ-Small Molecule Interactions

Class of 2013

  Melissa Armendariz

Research: Aβ peptide-peptide interactions
  Franco Buzzalino

Research: Molecular docking to PPARα
  Stacey Gerben

Research: Aβ dynamics
  Isabelle Lee

Research: Aβ-small molecule interactions

Currently a member of the PREP program at the University of Chicago

Class of 2012

  Ross Belvin

B.S. Biochemistry (2012)

Research: Adenosine kinase homology modeling, docking, and dynamics
  Zulma Garcia

B.S. Biochemistry in Honors (2012)

Research: Structure-based pharmacophore development and molecular docking to PPAR-γ
Nick Schaum

B.S. Biology (2012)

Research: The effect of Met35 oxidation on Aβ aggregation

Currently a graduate student at Stanford University in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine
  Madeline Williams

B.S. Biochemistry (2012)

Research: Adenosine kinase homology modeling, docking, and dynamics

Class of 2011

  Lera Brannan
  Michaila Latore

Class of 2010

Sahil Khanna

B.S. Biochemistry (2010)
Research: Molecular docking into α-glucosidases and casein kinases
  Khai Phan

B.S. Biochemistry (2010)
Research: Molecular docking into monoamine oxidase B
Taunya Stevens

B.S. Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (2010)
Biology minor

Class of 2009

Kaitlin Censky

B.S. Biochemistry, Biology (2009)
Research: Molecular docking into histone deacetylases

After graduation: M.S., University of Delaware; adjunct lecturer at Roanoke College; Virginia Tech CRC

Class of 2008

  J.P. Hoyle
B.S. Chemistry (2008)

Class of 2007

William Harkcom

B.S. Biochemistry (2007)
Chemistry minor

Research: Molecular docking into MAO-B

After graduation: Completed a Ph.D. in Pharmacology at Cornell University in New York

Caroline Osborne

B.S. Biochemistry, B.A. Chemistry (2007)

Research: Kinetics, electrostatics, molecular dynamics, and phylogeny of wild type and mutant β-glucosidases

After graduation: Pursued an M.D. at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
In Memoriam

  Christian Bergman
B.S. Biochemistry (2007)
  Amy Perrow
B.S. Biochemistry (2007)

Class of 2006

  Michael Jamros
B.S. Biochemistry (2006)
After graduation: Completed a Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego