Lab group photo, May 2015
Back row (left to right): Brittney, Nikki, Michael, Sam, Connor, Nik, Megan R.
Front row (left to right): Anne, Kendall, Dr. Bevan, Amanda, Justine, Megan H.

Principal Investigator

David R. Bevan

Professor of Biochemistry

Ph.D., Northwestern University
Postdoctoral, Gray Freshwater Biological Institute

Current Graduate Students

Anne Brown

Ph.D., Biochemistry awarded Spring 2016

Data and Informatics Consultant for the Sciences at Virginia Tech
Graduate Teaching Scholar

Curriculum vitae

B.S. Biochemistry and Physics, Roanoke College (2010)

Research: Aβ oxidation and Aβ-membrane interactions;IAPP-membrane interactions; sphingosine kinases
  Amanda Fisher

Graduate student in Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology

Research: Rational enzyme design

Current Undergraduate Students

  Class of 2016
  Michael Bittner

Research: Molecular Modeling of IAPP
  Nikolas Dimitry

Research: Irisin Modeling and Dynamics
  Megan Hart

Research: Aβ-Small Molecule Interactions
  Class of 2017
  Jonathan Briganti

ResearchMolecular Dynamics of PPARγ
  Nick Cipriano

Research: Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Aβ and IAPP Interactions
  Zuzka Han

Research:Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Aβ and IAPP Interactions
  Megan Richardson

Research: Amylin-Small Molecule Interactions
  Kendall Seeley

Research: Molecular Dynamics of PPARγ
  Class of 2018
  Creighton "Javier" Friend

Research: Molecular Dynamic Simulations of PPARγ
  Joel Mushagasha

Research: Modeling of Peanut Allergens
  Hannah Ricketts

Research: Molecular Docking of Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitors
  Hytham Soueid

Research: Molecular Dynamic Simulations of PPARγ
  Brittney Worrell

Research: Molecular Dynamics of p3 Simulation
  Class of 2019
  Tracey Myers

Research: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Protein Aggregation

Lab Alumni